Your CRM And Data Segmentation

Tom Montag 6 min read March 2, 2021

Ever heard the term segmentation applied to sales and retention? Chances are you have since data segmentation is one of the key ingredients in a tasty conversion recipe.

Segmentation essentially groups contacts together based on specific criteria. That could be geographical, country, or town, for example, based on a client's action in your marketing flow like opening an email or even just basic personal information such as age or gender.

The point of segmentation isn't just to make groups for the sake of creating groups. That would kind of defeat the object of the exercise. Unless you sell personalized gifts, of course, a segment made up of all your clients named "Bob" isn't really going to add much to your marketing.

Data segmentation becomes hugely important for your marketing when it applies to clients who have already started their journey through your conversion and sales funnel.

Let's take a specific example here. Your sales funnel starts, as do most, with a registration page. Potential clients fill in their personal details and email address, and your sales process starts with an initial welcoming email message.

Some of the recipients of this email will open it and take the action you want them to take. Some will open it but not take any action, and some will simply ignore it. There are your first three segments right off the bat:

Openers + Clickers
Opened the email and clicked the link.

Opened the email, but no click.

Ignored the email.

If your second email goes out to all three of these segments, then your marketing message simply won't make sense. There's little point in sending an email titled "Congratulations on taking action" to someone who hasn't even opened the first email, let alone opened it and ignored the link.

The point of follow-up messages is to reinforce the sales pitch in the original email, so segmentation is vital to your marketing efforts' success.

Your CRM And Data Segmentation

This isn't confined to email. Live calls need to follow the same segmentation model. There isn't much point in scheduling a training call with someone who hasn't even created an account with you. If your leads are expecting a call, then why send them an email? That's wasting what can be very expensive leads, and nobody wants to be doing that too often!

Smart data segmentation is the name of the game, and it has to start with your CRM setup.

Leads at different stages of your sales process require different follow-ups, and that's where the Antelope suite of smart apps really comes into its own.

The Antelope CRM comes pre-configured with all the communication options you need to get the right message to the right lead at the right time. With the Antelope smart apps, you'll always have a way to get your message across, including:

  • VOIP
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Live Chat
  • Support Ticket portal

With the intelligent filtering options, wherever your leads are in your sales and conversion funnels, Antelope puts them in the right segment and communication channel every single time.

Our CRM creates smart segments based on your own criteria and sends the right kind of communication to these. It makes for a much more compelling and relaxed customer experience and has been proven to increase sales and conversions across all verticals and industries. Even for all the Bobs!

If your segmentation tactics are missing the mark, get in touch with us today and get the head start your business deserves.

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