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the ninja smart dialer can help your business
Tom Montag 8 min read June 15, 2021

Cut it any way you like, and 2020 was a pretty awful year. The covid-19 pandemic came with a massive cost in human life and at an enormous cost to business across the board. Many companies were forced to pull down the shutters, unable to survive the constant lockdowns. 2020 and, indeed, 2021 have been challenging times for us all.

The pandemic taught businesses a lot of lessons, one of the key ones being the importance of telephony. In the time of lockdowns and restrictions, the telephone emerged as the most effective way to stay in touch with your existing clients and onboard new customers.

We've seen first-hand the benefits intelligent telephony can have on businesses of all sizes and in all verticals. Our many years of involvement with call centers have taught us the value of intelligent telephony. We've put all that experience to good use in the form of our Ninja Smart Dialer.

All call center operators know that it's not about how many calls your agents make; it's about the number of sales they close. Leads are an expensive commodity, and if you don't give your sales agents the tools they need to clinch the deal, you'll be wasting your leads, and your bottom line will suffer.

The answer is to use an intelligent dialer. This is much more than just an automated dialling solution. An intelligent dialer will programmatically connect your best leads with your best performing sales agents, matching the two parameters together based on the rules you set.

The Ninja is the sharpest tool in the intelligent dialer box and can make a massive difference to your conversion numbers. Ninja's smart algorithms give your sales agents the very best tools for the job at hand with a range of smart features designed to close more sales.

Ninja Smart Lead Scoring

The Ninja Smart Lead Scoring module performs simultaneous lead and agent scoring, matching the lead to the best agent for the call. There's no real point in sending a German-speaking client to an agent who doesn't speak German, so the Ninja takes over and routes the lead to an agent who matches the language parameters.

Again, it's about the number of sales, not the number of calls your agents make. The Ninja does all the actual dialling, and only when a call is answered is this transferred to an agent. This improves the workflow for your agents while the lead scoring ensures the best leads get your agents, making the overall call expensive better for both your agents and your leads.

One of the most common reasons for client churn is a bad phone experience. Industry statistics place this as high as 70%. Give your leads a poor phone experience, and your revenues will soon start to suffer.

Lead Prioritization

Check your marketing figures from time to time, and you'll soon see what I mean when I say leads are an expensive commodity. If your company has an affiliate program, check the CPAs you're paying for leads.

The days of sorting endless excel spreadsheets are long gone, and automated lead prioritization is the name of the game today. This isn't only about the actual date stamp on a lead. The Ninja looks at the whole lifecycle of a lead registration and prioritizes these based on the parameters necessary to your bottom line. This improves your conversions and makes the most of your lead database.

With the Ninja taking care of the lead prioritization, your agents just have to concentrate on the calls as these are allocated to them. This improves agent efficiency, call experience and your conversions!

Team Productivity and Efficiency

Great sales teams thrive on productivity and efficiency. The more successful calls your agents make, the more commission they earn, and one of the critical roles of any sales manager is to keep their team motivated, productive and efficient.

The Ninja can automate this to a great extent, freeing up your sales managers for their other tasks. The Ninja increases the number of calls your agents make by reducing dialling wait times, providing your agents with real-time updates on the lead information, and prioritizing the best leads for them.

The Ninja is at the cutting edge of smart dialers with a wealth of features designed with conversions in mind. These help you capitalize on your data and convert cold leads into sales by improving the call experience and keeping your clients happy with your service levels.

If you run a call center and want to make the most of your lead database, get in touch with one of the Antelope success managers, and we'll walk you through the features in the Ninja. Why not ask for a no-obligation trial of the Ninja and the other intelligent applications in the Antelope suite? We'll be happy to show you what we can do for your business!

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