Why is CRM integration important for a good customer experience?

Julia Mitrovic October 22, 2021

Mastering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means learning the ins and outs effective customer approach. It's important to know how can you benefit from using an integrated system. So that is why today we will tackle the topic of why is CRM integration important.

Let' dive into CRM and how it can help your company grow.

What is CRM?

CRM is a shortcut to customer satisfaction. These are software platforms that let you develop and maintain relationships with customers, along with interactions over multiple channels. CRM integration means integrating customer relationship tools into other software that are not connected to customer issues but can help bring up the quality of the CRM.

What is CRM Integration?

Customer relationship management integration means seamlessly connecting your CRM and other software apps that your business needs for daily operations. That includes legacy infrastructure, on-premises systems, cloud apps, and so on.

CRM integration lets data flow to, from, and between your customer relationship management software and other systems. That results in a CRM system that lets you have a wide and correct overview of your operations and client satisfacton.

Why is CRM Important?

Customer relationship management can do wonders for your business. CRM integration means connecting the CRM software with other platforms and systems. The aim is to allow data to be streamlined more effectively.

The more software you connect, the better the flow of activities. By connecting the customer relationship system with other applications, you get a better overview of your business. That visibility allows you to perform much better decision-making and come up with and implement better entrepreneurial methods.

If you don't correctly integrate your CRM with other tools your organization needs, then your employees will be making decisions about customer communication strategies even though they don't hold all the relevant information.

The Most Significant CRM Integrations

CRM is a sought-after system category. Every business has customers, so no serious entrepreneur will ignore this category. For the beginning, you should pick a CRM that can integrate together with other tools you need.

. We will list 8 systems that you should weave in with your CRM:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Client Support
  • Social Media
  • Website

What Roles Should CRM Have in Your Business?

CRM needs to have a specific role in order to be effective in your business and its growth. Here are some places where CRM could help your daily operations:

Managing New Projects and Opportunities

CRM is here to assist you anytime a new and lucrative chance pops up. Storing data about every business chance you get lets you predict client purchasing needs. As the opportunity continues through the sales cycle, the CRM will let you plan in advance. One thing you should particularly focus on is losing sales chances and monitoring how that occurred.

Handling Customer Relationships

Of course, this advice is a given. But let us remind you how important and fruitful it is to have a call agent answering a call from a customer, and having immediate access to all the important information about the client and their buying history. That would mean a more streamlined process where your call agent doesn't have to put the client on hold while contacting other sectors to obtain the needed information.

Making Smart Client and Marketing Decisions

If you and your employees have access to all customer interactions, that means better customer support calls and well-developed marketing strategies. Overall, CRM lets you make smart and informed decisions about marketing and clients.

Lowering Duplication for Efficiency

Having all data in one place means you don't have to re-key the data from one system to another. That turns into a huge plus of an integrated customer relationship management system. Implementing automated workflow can lower boring and repetitive tasks, allowing you to spend more time on other tasks.

Begin with a Core Team

If you want your CRM to work seamlessly, you need an effective team made of employees from different departments. That way, you get a wide knowledge base from a different set of people. Someone from the service department will have a varying view of a situation than someone from the accounting department. So rally up a superhero core team with experts.


CRM is an unavoidable part of every successful business. Use the above advice as a starting point for a profitable enterprise. Don't forget to read our blog for more customer and business information!

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