The Customer Experience In 2021

The Customer Experience In 2021
Tom Montag 8 min read February 23, 2021

Admittedly, 2020 wasn't a great year by any stretch of the imagination. The global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we interact in almost every facet of our daily lives. Human interaction went from face-to-face to socially distanced and, in most cases, online.

One thing the pandemic did teach us, though, is that companies with a well-designed digital communication channel were able to carry on their operations uninterrupted in the main. In fact, we saw considerable increases for many of our clients, due mainly to the customer experience the Antelope suite of apps delivers.

Your business may very well be entirely online. Online though, shouldn't translate into a lesser customer experience. If I purchase something online, I'm not prepared to accept a lower standard of customer service.

Covid became a convenient excuse for dozens of companies, an excuse many customers are tired of hearing. While Covid continues to affect many things in our day-to-day life, it shouldn't prevent an online business from being able to address a customer issue in a chat, for example. The bottom line is, if you're able to accept my money to sell me something, you should be able to address any issues I might have with my purchase.

Digitization isn't just a trend anymore. Consumers have adapted to online, and whatever the future holds in the fight against the pandemic, if your digital customer experience isn't up to expectations, your business will suffer.

Customers in an online environment still have the same expectations of service as in any brick-and-mortar store. Broadly speaking, a great customer experience will focus on:

Ease of use: Nobody wants to jump through hoops. Your customer experience should make dealing with customer issues simple and straightforward.

Transparency: If you tell a customer you'll be sending them an email, make sure you do. Nobody likes to feel like their issues are being ignored.

Supportive: Empathy works online as well. Show your customers you're genuinely trying to resolve their issue for a great customer experience.

So how do you connect all the dots? How does your customer experience go from average to great?

The simple answer to that is communication. The worst thing you can do for any customer is ignoring them. If your communication channels are active and responsive, you'll have an outstanding customer experience.

We designed the apps in Antelope to be active and responsive. No matter how your customers choose to contact you, we have support for the channel.

With existing integrations for Chat, Email, SMS, and Push Notifications, we've made it easy for your customers to reach out to you, and, more importantly, we've made it easy for you to respond.

The Antelope smart systems are designed to deliver an outstanding blend of automated and human interaction. No matter where your business is based, our smart apps will work for you around the clock, providing a best-in-class automated experience outside your business hours and a fluid, interactive experience during your working hours.

We've designed our systems around the most critical metric in any customer service engagement - namely, empathy.

Show your customers you care about them, and your business will reap the rewards. That's how you build a great customer experience: simplicity, reliability, support, and the X-Factor, empathy.

Are you looking to add some X-factor to your customer experience? Get in touch with our success managers today, and we'll show you how to build an incredible customer journey!

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