Ideal Platform for Prop Trading

Discover a trading platform tailor-made for proprietary trading ventures. Launch your own trading business with ease through our acclaimed Antelope platform. Elevate your trading prowess with comprehensive solutions crafted in partnership with leading experts in prop trading technology.

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Robust Server

Experience unmatched efficiency in your trading endeavors with our high-capacity server infrastructure powering the Antelope platform. Enjoy seamless performance even with up to 200k accounts, ensuring optimal trading conditions without any compromise.

Seamless API Integration

Facilitate effortless integration and smooth functionality of your prop trading systems with Antelope's comprehensive API connectivity. Tailor your trading setups precisely to your requirements with our flexible API solutions, empowering your trading operations.

Effective Management

Leverage Antelope-Trader's array of management tools to efficiently handle funded accounts, set evaluations, challenges, and rules tailored to your specific needs. Stay in control with real-time monitoring through personalized trader dashboards, ensuring smooth operations at every step.

Insightful Analytics

Harness the power of our diverse reporting options to track comprehensive transaction history and gain personalized statistical insights. Optimize profitability and safeguard your business against potential abuses with actionable analytics tailored to your needs.

Custom Branding

Inject your proprietary trading platform with your unique brand identity. Easily incorporate logos and company information into both the mobile and web versions of the platform, ensuring a cohesive brand presence across all touchpoints.

Integrated CRM System

Our advanced CRM system seamlessly integrates with Antelope, offering a robust solution designed specifically for prop trading firms. Enjoy scalable customization options for client portals within the trading platform, streamlining your operations and enhancing client management capabilities.

Complete Proprietary Trading Solution

Embark on your prop trading journey with antelope, a prestigious trading platform renowned for its excellence. Our turnkey solution provides everything you need to launch and automate your prop trading venture seamlessly. Tailored to align with your company’s strategy and objectives, Antelope empowers you to optimize trading operations and maximize profitability like never before.

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Customized for Your Needs

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our trading platform, continuously evolving through market research and client feedback. With a diverse array of APIs at your disposal, seamlessly integrate every application to craft a bespoke trading ecosystem perfectly suited to your unique requirements. antelope also offers extensive branding capabilities, empowering brokers to forge a robust market identity.

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Elevate Your PROP Firm With Our Comprehensive White Label Offering

Cutting-Edge Software for Proprietary Trading Success

Experience the pinnacle of innovation with antelope, leading the charge in revolutionary technology. Our sophisticated platform is meticulously crafted to propel prop trading companies towards unprecedented success. Utilizing state-of-the-art progressive web app technology, we redefine the landscape of prop trading, empowering firms to deliver unparalleled trading experiences to their clients.

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Diverse Payment Solutions

Benefit from our extensive expertise and established partnerships with a multitude of Payment Service Providers worldwide. Expand your market reach and access a burgeoning global customer base by antelope these connections to facilitate seamless transactions across borders.

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