Single Optimized Solution for all your marketing, lead management, and call center requirements!

Full visibility and filtering capabilities on all Clients/Leads information. From managing their KYC status, to viewing their Financial Transactions and Trading Activities, you can quickly monitor and keep on top of all your portfolios needs.



Customize your business flows to maximize your ROI


Never miss a lead again with our smart sales modules


Maximize your productivity with intelligent integrations


Grow your conversion rates!

Ideally, you would want your high potential and expensive leads to go to your top-performing agents, increasing the probability of them sealing the deal!

Unlike anything offered in the industry, Ninja is not your usual algorithm offered by standard CRM providers. It is a one-of-a-kind broker tool.

With Ninja’s smart and unique processing we help ensure that your leads are distributed to the right agents, thereby growing your conversion rates!

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Call Manager

Maximizing your ROI

Managers can easily rate their agents and set up their preferred processes with just a few clicks.

So not only you are maximizing your ROI on your leads, you are also saving your Managers a lot of time, allowing them to focus on more useful managerial duties to help them boost their team’s productivity.

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Let us simplify complicated data sets to provide you with a glance awareness of your businesses current performance.


All communication within one system

All communication can be documented and carried out within the system. With full VOIP and email integration options available as well as internal task and reminder tools, you won’t need to bounce from system to system to stay on top of all your tasks.

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Easy monitoring clients statuses and activity

And what about monitoring existing clients statuses and activity? Easy! Our Retention Dashboard makes life simple by presenting all client’s activities in one well-laid-out view, drawing your attention to important information about traders’ activity. You won’t need to worry about any of your clients going unnoticed or being forgotten.

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Your clients sensitive data is well protected.

Last but not least, Antelope Systems takes security matters very seriously. We have taken extra measures, and offer you several options to ensure that all your clients sensitive data is well protected.

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