Ninja Call Routing

Tom Montag 6 min read April 19, 2021

Call routing is the process whereby voice calls are automatically routed to specific call agents based on predetermined qualifying criteria. You set up your routing rules, and any calls coming into your call center are automatically forwarded to specific call desks and even specific call agents.

Modern technologies and the internet, in particular, have created an expectation of instant gratification. A visitor to your website clicks a button, and there is the expectation of an instantaneous result. This carries over to any number of online verticals. Look at Amazon Prime, for example. Deliveries with the eCommerce mammoth have evolved to the arena of same day. No more waiting for two-day or next-day delivery. Amazon Prime is same-day delivery.

This is a broad assumption to make, but as a rule of thumb, your potential customers are impatient and unwilling to wait for their queries or questions to be answered.

Ask any call center operator about the customer wait time. The answer will be unequivocal; connecting a customer to the best sales or support agent as quickly as possible is of paramount importance to the success of their operations.

This is where call routing starts to earn its keep. The correct call routing system with appropriate rules helps your customers have their requests met with minimal delay and improves their overall customer satisfaction. Answering a question is only half the solution. The other half is how quickly your agents are providing these answers.

Over and above the speed of response, call routing in crm also serves to improve your sales and conversions? How, you may ask?

The answer is simple, the programmatic algorithms in the Antelope Ninja Call Router.

The intelligent algorithms in the Ninja call router divert your best leads to your best-converting agents, based on the parameters you set and the real-time performance of individual call agents. As leads come into your CRM, the Ninja analyses the lead parameters in real-time and routes these to the best-converting agent. This routing could be based on geographical parameters, time of day, agent performance, and agent availability. The Ninja scores all your leads, and based on this scoring, the intelligent algorithms send the leads to the sales agents with the best chance of making the sale.

These intelligent algorithms put your customer response times on steroids and make for a far more positive customer experience. Consumer behavior statistics demonstrate that 67% of customers will give a company repeat business based on a positive customer experience. By contrast, a poor customer experience means almost 40% of customers will move to one of your competitors. That's bad enough, but it gets even worse when we consider the social media factor. 65% of customers unhappy with their customer experience will post about this. Multiply that 65% by the number of contacts, and that one instance where your customer experience fell short could soon be viral around the internet. Can you spell BAD?

Call routing doesn't mean taking the human touch out of your customer experience. On the contrary, the intelligent algorithms in the Ninja call router compliment the human experience by preparing the call agents before they even speak to the lead. Your call agents get all the particulars about the lead, so as soon as they start to interact, there is an immediate engagement. Imagine speaking to a call agent who knows all the details about the issue you're facing. How much better will that call go? How much better will your conversion metrics be?

The Ninja's algorithm anticipates your customer's needs and lays the foundations for an exceptional customer experience and journey through your sales processes.

Not only is your customer experience enhanced, unleashing the Ninja frees up valuable time and resources that your sales teams would otherwise be using. In any call center, time and resources mean money. Proven results from the Ninja point to a 4-time increase in the number of completed calls and conversion rate improvements of over 20%!

With the Antelope onboarding process, deploying your own Ninja takes the minimum of time and fuss, and that 20% increase in conversions is there for the taking.

Are you ready to add the power of the Ninja to your call center operations? Get in touch with one of our success managers today, and we'll have you up and running in no time!

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