Mobile CRM and Why It’s Important

Tom Montag January 20, 2022

As the name indicates, mobile CRM provides the complete CRM experience on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. It allows marketing, customer service and sales teams to have access and manage vital data. They can do it from wherever they are, in real time.

So, you might be wondering, why you might need mobile CRM for your business? The answer is simple, in the last decade there has been a massive migration to mobile devices from desktop. This translates into people now expecting for information to be available, in real time, from anywhere.

The percentage of internet traffic originating from mobile devices went from less than 5% in 2010 to 68.1% in 2020. As numbers continue to rise, a CRM should be able to match that kind of growth. It enables users to have access to important business information regardless of their location. In a way, by implementing mobile CRM they can run their business on the go.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Employees

By implementing mobile customer relationship management employees have more freedom since they have the option of working on the go. Members of sales teams are constantly traveling to meet with potential customers. Agents in the field need access to work orders and schedules even while not being in the office.

Even positions that years ago required the presence of an employee in the office are now being covered remotely. Most Employees proved to be more productive when companies grant them access to work remotely. Research shows that organizations get an extra 240 hours of work a year from personnel utilizing mobile devices for work related matters.

That is possible because smart mobile devices enable users the freedom to work from wherever it’s most convenient for them. The main goal of this is that departments across your organization get access to the same information, even if employees are not in the same continent. Without considering the issues of compatibility related to platforms, it is a good way to promote a collaborative work environment.

Importance for Customers

Beyond the benefits that we mentioned above, customers can benefit as well from having mobile CRM availability for your business. You can make sure that your clients are getting the best, consistent service by using a mobile CRM application.

Employees can access vital data and updates in real-time, which gives them all the tools they need to supply customers with the reliable info they require. Even the departments not working directly with customers can use it to perform data analysis, manage schedules, organize important files, and generate reports.

Mobile CRM Benefits

When organizations implement a mobile CRM software on devices like smartphones and tablets it can provide functionality as a desktop computer or laptop would. However, by using mobile devices you can also benefit from the on-the-go access to your business data through cloud computing. 

In fact, users are able to run their business from their phone, they can plan utilizing calendar integration, access and update contacts, leads and opportunities. Additionally, employees can open and share files, manage, respond, and track customer service cases. You should think about it as a computer filled with your business data that you can access at any time from whatever location. 


Clearly the addition of a mobile CRM software would be beneficial for your company. Automatic updates translate to employees enjoying the benefit of complete analytics and CRM data on any device. This way you can ensure that nobody is left out of the loop and teams can deliver better results when approaching customers.

It’s important to mention that whichever software you choose to work with should be equipped with security features. Some of them to consider are VPN requirements and multi-factor authentication, but always keep in mind the specific needs of your business, only then you’ll be able to choose the best option for you.

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