Marketing Automation – A Critical Part Of Your Sales Process

Marketing Automation - A Critical Part Of Your Sales Process
Tom Montag 8 min read February 25, 2021

One of the most significant conflicts in most companies tends to take place between Marketing and Sales. Marketing departments more often than not have to comply with industry regulations, restrictions put in place by traffic or affiliate networks, budgetary constraints, and in many cases, geographical limitations.

In particular, in the financial services and insurance industries, any marketing message has to adhere to some stringent regulations. The use of imagery and language has to conform to the applicable rules. And that's not only internal regulations. Traffic networks will also restrict certain types of creatives and landing pages.

Sales, on the other hand, want a constant supply of interested, qualified leads. That might call for marketing campaigns that fall under any marketing department restrictions, meaning these particular campaigns can't be run.

Another cause of conflict can be down to the sources the marketing department is running campaigns on, Display Ads, PPC, Social Media, Push Notifications, Native Ads. The list goes on and on. Each one of these sources has a different tone. Leads coming in from social media, for example, will have an expectation of the way their client journey needs to go.

Any disconnect between your marketing and sales departments is where conflicts start, such as:

  1. Unqualified leads coming into your CRM
  2. Marketing isn't integrated directly with your CRM
  3. Clients not segmented properly
  4. Tracking not implemented correctly

If your marketing and sales departments don't work together, if your systems don't communicate, conflict arises. Sales will complain about low-quality leads, marketing will complain about low conversion rates and high churn.

A straightforward solution to this cat-and-dog problem lies in automation. Automate your marketing operations, and you'll see an immediate improvement in the quality of the leads coming into your CRM. Your sales department will see a rapid increase in their conversions.

The automation built into the Antelope CRM helps attract more customers, ensure better flows between your marketing and sales teams, qualify the leads better, and route the best to the best converting sales agents.

The Antelope Ninja excels at segmenting, scoring, and distributing leads to your sales teams. Your best quality leads always go to your best converting sales agents, meaning more conversions and better ROI across all your marketing campaigns.

Sales will love the benefits of the automation suite in Antelope, and marketing will love the results their campaigns get.

The Antelope Ninja is a potent tool, but power is nothing without control. The Antelope approach is to present all your CRM components tie together with seamless integrations. The interface is extremely user-friendly, and with the customization options, you can set all your systems and screens up to your precise requirements.

Are your marketing and sales departments at odds? Need a helping hand with your automation? Talk to us and see what our smart systems can do for your business.

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