Managing Remote Teams? Here’s The Tool For You

Milica Begovic 12 min read October 28, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we work, and regardless of the efficacy of vaccines and even future cures, one thing is for sure. Working from home has become the norm across a whole slew of industries.

While working remotely isn't necessarily that complicated given the technologies we have at our disposal nowadays, the effective management and monitoring of remote teams presents any call-center-based business with a whole new set of obstacles to overcome.

The answer to these is the Antelope CRM, the optimum solution for managing big teams remotely.

Managing Remote Teams? Here's The Tool For You

In particular, the Fintech industry had to re-draw the map for sales and retention teams as these in particular call for a more active and hands-on management approach and style. As leads come into the sales department, agents need to act on these quickly. Leave a lead sitting for too long, and you'll soon lose the FTD to another, more active broker.

Assigning leads to remote teams comes with its own particular problems. Which one of your agents is free, which one is active? You can only do so much on a Zoom call, and short of installing cameras to monitor your sales teams, how can you go about best assigning the leads?

The answer to that is the Ninja dialer and lead allocation module. With the built-in automation rules, Ninja can allocate leads to available agents, distribute these according to your own personal metrics, ensuring your leads have the best chance of converting to FTDs.

Ninja makes managing remote sales and retention teams a snap. As a manager, you have the ability to track all team member activity, including the number of calls made and the duration of each individual call. You can even monitor the calls themselves, ensuring your sales and retention agents are sticking to your scripts and abiding by any relevant regulatory constraints you might have. The last thing you need is an agent using any grey tactics to convert a lead. That's not beyond the realm of possibility, particularly with remote teams.

The Ninja module in the Antelope CRM adds an extra layer of security and gives managers complete peace of mind.

With remote teams comes the added problem of infrastructure. While your systems might work perfectly in a controlled office environment, will they perform the same when your sales and retention teams are spread across multiple IPs and providers?

The Antelope CRM is built in the Cloud. Hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Antelope benefits from the security and performance of the market leader in cloud hosting, as well as the flexibility to grow as your needs grow. Need more users? Cloud services upgrade on the fly so you'll never be stuck with obsolete systems.

Take some of the headaches out of managing remote teams. See what the Antelope CRM can do for your business!

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