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Our story

Similarly to a lot of other tech startups, our story also began in a mingy underground basement with no windows, and 4 friends eager to create something that the market had never seen before.

We knew that to enter the fintech industry we needed to create a product with strong core technology otherwise we wouldn’t be adding any true value to it. After all, our technology is our footprint, it’s the mark we leave behind, it’s the impression we make.

Given that all 4 of these entrepreneurs came from different backgrounds; technology, operations, finance, and marketing, we had enough angles and feedback to know just how we wanted Antelope Systems to be. Each one had worked with different systems in the past (all with the same standard matrix looking interface), and each one had the same opinion; something was missing.

We wanted to build a CRM with real people, faces, that is interactive, simple. We wanted our product to be intuitive, easy to use, fast, and with all the information in one place!

Building The world's best CRM

As for our name, we wanted a symbol of speed and agility, as well as attributes of something lean and light weight. Antelope seemed the natural choice.

We became our own first client, and it wasn’t long before we grew from 4 people to 60 people. The feedback was so inspiring, that the obvious next step was to share what we had created with others.

We love what we do, and we aspire to keep learning and growing with the industry’s needs. We’ll always aim to keep developing Antelope Systems to its highest potential.

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