Five Best Ways to Generate Leads from Instagram

Julia Mitrovic August 30, 2021

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular marketing platforms of our age. It gives you access to a global audience, but many marketers still struggle to generate leads from Instagram.

It's not just about posting pictures and videos with hashtags. It would help if you honed a marketing strategy that scores leads and drives more sales on Instagram. After all, why not use the fact that the platform has over 1 billion active users?

Here are the best ways Instagram can help you boost lead generation.

Instagram Ads

You shouldn't be a marketer if you didn't use ads in some way in your strategy. This is one of the most basic methods you can begin with. To create ads on Instagram, you need a business account, which means you should also have a Facebook profile. That is because Instagram ads are generated on Facebook first.

The first steps are going to the Ads Manager and clicking 'Create.' Your objective should be lead generation, so make sure you click that. After that, you will design the ad, define the target audience, pick the duration and budget for the campaign, and voila! You're good to go.

Mirror Facebook and Instagram

We recommend this step if you already have a minimum of 1,000 Instagram followers. If you create a custom audience on Facebook, you can target those Instagram users similar to your existing customers.

Some of the factors Facebook takes into account when creating a lookalike Instagram audience:

  • Everyone engaged with your Instagram account
  • Those who have visited it
  • Audiences that engage with your ads
  • The audience that engages with your content
  • People who DM your business profile
  • Those who have saved your posts and ads

Lookalike audiences assist in creating high-quality leads by targeting those who are more likely to like your services and products. This is one of the easier ways to generate leads on Instagram.

Add a CTA Button

You can create a CTA button on your Instagram profile. That way, potential customers can take the first step in a much easier way. They can book an appointment, order food, ask for a service, etc.

Before adding a button, you have to pick a site you wish to connect with the business profile. Then, you should open an account with the application you will integrate. Some of the more popular ones are Appointy, GoDaddy Social, Acuity Scheduling, etc.

Here are the next steps to follow:

  • Click "Edit Profile"
  • Select "Contact Options"
  • Click "Add an Action Button"

After you pick the one you need, enter the link of your account with this application (or whichever link you want your potential clients to follow) and click "Submit."

Optimizing the Bio

We all secretly hate that Instagram doesn't allow us to add clickable links in captions, right?

So, your next best thing is to have one clickable link in your bio. A great, optimized Instagram bio is made with a target audience in mind:

  • If you have a clear target or an effective campaign, feature the custom hashtag in the bio.
  • Mention other connected accounts you have to your brand using the @ option.
  • And finally, add the link to your profile.

Links in Stories

Speaking of Instagram links… Here is a great lead generation approach. You can incorporate a link straight into your stories which will appear as "Swipe to view more," "See more," etc. To perform this, you need a verified account and over 10,000 followers. Make use of this so people can visit your landing page or official website straight from your stories.

Here's what you should do:

  • Start the Instagram story
  • Click on the link emoji
  • Add a CTA and insert the link
  • Post your story

Simple as that.

Engage With Your Audience

An unavoidable step. One of the simplest ways to engage your audience is to respond to all comments and DMs, except spam. But it's not just enough to throw in a generic response - you need a crafted and thoughtful answer. Show that you care and give your audience's comments some time and attention. Emojis are an excellent way to spice up your answers and generate leads on Instagram.

Final Word

By following these six pieces of advice, you may bring up your lead generation numbers on Instagram. And never forget that every carefully crafted campaign needs its own equally well-crafted landing page. You won't get far in generating leads on Instagram if you miss out on this step.

After all, how are people supposed to sign up or contact you if you don't display your information?

And finally, seeing how Instagram's audience is mobile-based, your campaign and landing pages should always be mobile-friendly. Follow these steps above and see your prospects speed through the sales funnel! And if you are searching for more CRM advice, take a look at our blog.

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