Wie die richtigen Systeme Ihre Vertriebsproduktivität verbessern können

Tom Montag 6 min lesen Februar 7, 2021

Sales Productivity is a quick way of describing your sales team's performance, and it's a subject that's getting a lot of traction lately, particularly with regards to how automation can improve this key sales metric.

Sales Productivity is a factor of Sales Efficiency and Sales Productivity. While all of these refer to Sales, the meanings are pretty distinct.

Sales Efficiency

Sales Efficiency describes how well your resources are allocated. These could be anything, including sales department budgets and systems and technologies. How well these are allocated inside your sales teams has a significant impact on performance and revenues. Your salespeople are there to close sales, so anything that can increase their efficiency is a good thing.

Say you have twenty-four VOIP channels, and you only allocate two of these to your salespeople. That has a direct and measurable impact on your sales efficiency. Your sales team could well comprise ten or twenty reps or more. Two channels kill their productivity and sales efficiency.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness measures how well your sales reps are using the resources allocated to them. Are they meeting their call allocations? Are they converting enough leads into a customer? After all, leads are a resource as well, aren't they? Are your sales reps using your CRM and call routers effectively?

All these have an effect on your Sales Productivity and sales conversions.

Technology and Sales Productivity

The easiest way to increase your sales numbers is by improving your sales efficiency. You already have resources. Allocating these more efficiently enhances the performance of your sales teams without having to resort to expensive re-training.

Sales should concentrate on calling leads. For example, any time your sales reps spend on non-sales activities, like logging calls, is time spent away from their core function. The problem is a lot of these non-sales tasks are actually crucial to the sales process, so where do you draw the line? How can you allocate your resources and keep your sales teams focused on closing?

That's where technology steps in and, in particular, the intelligent systems in the Antelope productivity suite.

All the non-sales tasks are taken care of with our algorithmic approach to running sales departments.

Take the Antelope Ninja, for example. This programmatically grades and routes all the leads coming into your CRM to the best-converting sales agents based on your own pre-defined parameters.

These can be geo and language settings, sales desk working hours, free and available agents. Removing all this background distraction improves your sales efficiency, which in turn improves your sales productivity.

One of the most common sticking points we see across all the industries we serve is the amount of time and resources sales reps spend on background tasks. Managing call data, recording activities, lead progressions in sales funnels, updating client information and notations.

All these activities take time and detract from the core job your sales teams need to be doing. The smart apps in the Antelope Suite simplify and automate these making the management of all your sales reps a breeze. In fact, using Antelope, your sales managers can manage and oversee multiple sales teams from one central admin point. This functionality alone can improve your sales efficiency virtually overnight.

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