Dashboards and Leaderboards

Get the full picture of your team’s performance using our informative dashboards and leaderboards! Monitor their KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to the business as a whole, or by department.

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Enhance creativity and problem solving

Data visualization assists you in seeing the bigger picture. In fact it is proven to enhance creativity and problem solving. With this in mind, we designed several Dashboards for each segment of the business to highlight your company’s strengths as well as their problem areas, allowing you to act fast and respond quickly to your business needs.

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Use our Leaderboard to motivate your teams

Along with Antelope Systems CRM, you have the option of using our Leaderboards! Show your team members where they rank relative to their peers, with regards to their targets, and thereby adding a splash of competitiveness to the whole mix of things!

Healthy competition can most definitely fuel productivity, and even improves internal workplace dynamics.

Why not use our Leaderboard to motivate your teams to want to improve and drive their performance higher!

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