CRM or CMS? Find the Right Fit for your Business

Tom Montag January 13, 2022

Trying to choose a CRM or CMS can be confusing; although these tools have similar names, we are talking about different concepts. Doing the proper search and finding out which one is the best fit for your business goals can potentially save you money, time, and a couple of headaches.

Customer relationship management and content management systems are strategies in the marketing industry that help you improve your business. As the business owner, you should be clear that both software is relevant to your organization.

So, the question is CRM or CMS? The truth is that one doesn’t exclude the other and when implementing the right marketing strategy, a balanced combination of both can take your business to the next level.

CRM focuses on client and customer management, and CMS is all about managing your website. While performing different tasks, the main goal of both tools is to enhance the customer experience directly related to your brand.

What Should You Consider First? CRM or CMS?

The majority of organizations start with the implementation of CMS before CRM. This is mainly done by businesses that need a website to sell or showcase their products or services. If your company already has a website, then you’re utilizing a CMS.

Later in the process comes CRM; as your clientele base grows and your business develops, so does the need to keep track of specific functions. Among the most important procedures are; keeping an eye on sales and customer relationships. CRM is beneficial for companies that need to follow up on leads and record a large number of client interactions. 

So, the question is not if your business needs CRM or CMS; it will probably need both at some point. In reality, it’s a matter of when to start implementing one and when the other. In simple terms, you’ll need a CMS from the start to build your brand, but it won’t be until you start working on your client base that you will need a CRM.

CMS 101

It’s most common to start with CMS because it’s one of the first tools to help you build your business. A content management system will be the “headquarters” for your organization, and from there, you will manage all your content.

You should think of your CMS as if you were renting a place for your shop. It would be best if you aimed to make it accessible, make sure it looks good, and have enough space for all you want to sell. 

In the case that your intention is not to start an online business, but you’re still aiming to have an online presence to promote your product, a CMS will be of help as well. Either way, a CMS will give you the option of creating your own design for what fits your company best.

About CRM

As we’ve explained in other articles of our blog, CRM provides integrated solutions for the management and organization of customer data. It is also one of the most critical tools that marketing and sales teams can use to keep track of leads. A customer relationship management software utilized the right way can improve customer communication. 

When companies work with customer info, the chances of requiring a CRM are high. But when you come to choosing one, you should pick the one that fits best with the needs of your organization at that given moment. 


When it comes to CMS or CRM, it’s not necessary to choose one or the other, and it’s more about the timing, or when you should implement them into your strategy. Also, it’s worth mentioning that it’s important to set very clear goals of what you want to achieve when looking for either. With that in mind, it’ll be easier to find the perfect fit that will help your business reach the next level.

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