Antelope Solves the MT4&MT5 Apple Store Ban

Antelope, MT4&MT5
admin October 10, 2022

Owing to the announcement of Apple that it’s removing popular forex and CDF trading platforms, MT4 and MT5, Antelope is here to uncover what that means for traders and brokers and how they can fix the inconvenience.

The Story Behind the MT4&MT5 News

After Apple made the somewhat shocking announcement, the ever-so-popular trading platforms  MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (MT4&MT5), developed by MetaQuotes, can no longer be found or downloaded on the App Store. But what’s the reasoning behind the move? Luckily Antelope has followed the events surrounding the Apple ban. Here’s what we know.

MetaQuotes representatives claim that the assumption that the move was tied to Western sanctions on Russia is false. However, the removal of the trading platforms from the App Store already cause significant losses within the company. In fact, Apple’s ban will affect the whole market and the industry, not just the involved parties. But why did Apple do it?

What seems to be cited as the main reason behind this unfortunate situation is that the trading apps go against the App Store Review Guidelines. MetaQuotes is talking to Apple and trying to fix the situation, giving back traders and brokers the option to download their platforms from the App Store. The resolution is still to be uncovered.

What Traders and Brokers Should Know

However, there is some good news on the subject. The MT4&MT5 trading apps can still be found and downloaded on the Google Play Store. Apple also provided assurance that the apps are still available to use for those who had already downloaded them. This means that these traders and brokers will still have access to the apps on their devices and all in-app purchases, as well. Before things get resolved, we couldn’t help but wonder what traders and brokers can do in the meantime.

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The Solution

The answer lies in our solution named “the ultimate broker tool.” Designed to maximize potential and increase overall success, our single optimized solution caters to both broker and trader needs. Our solution offers filtered data, customizable dashboards and leaderboards, and full visibility. With Antelope, viewing trading activities, financial transactions, and managing KYC statuses is made easy. But how does this solve the Apple issue, you might ask?

As we’ve mentioned, the MT4&MT5 trading apps can no longer be found in search results for users to download. And this is where Antelope’s prime features come in handy. We offer native, branded mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. Also, our solution is available on both application platforms. Additionally, we offer push notifications for all users, along with customizable push notifications for clients.

Moreover, Antelope’s main advantage is this: the web trading platforms are linked to the mobile app and MT4 and M45 trading platforms, fixing all issues that might pop up due to the Apple ban. But it doesn’t stop there. The mobile app is also synced with the MT4 and MT5 trading apps with the same username and password, which only adds to the list of benefits.

Final Takeaway

After reviewing the news, we can safely say that Antelope has the fix to the inconvenience that Apple might have caused traders and brokers that use MT4 and MT5. We’re still waiting for MetaQuotes and Apple to find a solution, although the trading industry giant hinted at considering other options. 

The good news is that there’s no need to wait around for them to fix it. Antelope is here to stay and ready to elevate your trading to a higher level. Do not hesitate to contact us and take a step towards a brighter and issue-free trading future.

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