Antelope System 360º CRM

One platform. Multiple Solutions. Various Businesses.

One Solution. Optimized.

Antelope suite of products streamlines all the operation and reporting of your business, making complicated and time-consuming operations a thing of the past.
Reports Billing Calls SMS marketing Leads

Ninja, Lead Distribution Solution

Affiliation, Finance, Marketing and VOIP built into your CRM. An all-in-one solution to boost your team’s performance.

Routing Rules

Decide how to route your leads between your desks.

Scoring Rules

Who should you call now? Just define your rules and your agents start receiving the “best” possible call at any given time.

Operators Ranking

Smartly rank your agents based on their performance.

Affiliation Platform

A thorough affiliate solution for your platform embedded in our innovative working environment. Supporting e-commerce, traditional telemarketing and support.

Across The Board Reports

Affiliates. Finance. Sales. Traffic. VOIP. Any report. Any dimension. Any time.


All of your outgoing & incoming communications built into your CRM.


Connect any VOIP provider.


Transactional & rule-based emails.


Send SMS using easy templates.

Push Notification

Message any time.


Integrated online chat.

Support Tickets

Organize and track user communications.

Business Collaboration

Antelope System successfully integrates into various business areas.






Our solutions are cloud-based. Always online. Always available.

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

Multiple Languages

As an international company we understand the need of offering our solutions in multiple languages. We currently support 6 European languages and the list is growing!

Work From Anywhere

It is important to stay mobile in the contemporary world. Don’t be tied to an office and stay up to date anywhere, anytime using our mobile and tablet friendly interface.

Why Choose Us?

We offer solutions that are specifically tailored for call centers.

Strategic Growth

Advance and get all the needed components for the future of your business.


Gain full control over all the processes and get insights with our dashboards and reports.

Customer Support

Our clients always come first. We are here to help you set up or migrate your systems.